Allured by the wild and beauty within us, Aya Kamanakai calls you to remember the ancient wisdom and intelligence stored inside our bodies. She passionately calls you to embrace your pleasure and reclaim pleasure as life force to create the life of your dreams.

Combining embodied movement, somatic expression, and vocal empowerment, Aya guides journeys of soul exploration designed to connect to your authentic self, unearth your deepest expression and reclaim your power and pleasure. Aya hosts exotic transformational retreats, womb awakening workshops, online courses and private coaching as a reimagined mystery school where we learn from the wild, the wisdom in our bodies, and the vastness of our inner-knowing.

Aya is faculty with ISTA (International School of Temple Arts), and a Shamanic Womb + Dark Grad with Janine Ma-ree a as well as a Womb grad with  Dr Azra and Seren Bertrand of Womb Awakening, and is a VITA certified coach. She is an advocate for all beings reclaiming full creative potential, reviving wild sexuality, passion and rooting us in our sexual sovereignty.

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