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Discover Ancient Keys to Turn your Pleasure into Prosperity

Are you ready to experience ecstatic states that last for hours?
Become multi orgasmic through the feminine path to pleasure.


Full Body Pleasure (Formerly Full Body Orgasm)

When you sign up for Full Body Pleasure you get access to the Full Body Orgasm masterclass plus a week long journey to support you in deepening into this practice and into your ecstatic current.

Each day you’ll be working with different keys to expand your capacity to feel and experience pleasure.
And each day you’ll be building a breathwork practice that will turn into your Full Body Orgasm practice.



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The Feminine Path to Pleasure

Softening, opening, relaxing into pleasure.
You let the pleasure melt deeper and deeper in.
Feel all the sensations and move it with your breath through your body.
Pushing it out into every cell so that all of you is pulsing and vibrating with juicy aliveness.
Instead of reaching towards a climax, you’re riding waves and waves of euphoria that can last all night and day.
These pleasure states are expansive.
It can take you out into the cosmos, deeper into your body, send you on deep journeys wether alone or with a beloved.

In a full body orgasm your energy channels open so that every part of you is vibrating with pleasure.

 You open to divinity as your cells sing with waves of ecstasy.


This is for you if you want to:

🌟 Open all your channels to feel the the ecstatic current in every cell of your being

🌟 Become multi-orgasmic.  Instead of one peak experience, experience waves of pleasure and sensation that intensify, and get more and more juicy and delicious over time.

🌟 Instead of a quick release, experience orgasmic states that can last for hours and hours

🌟 Experience energy orgasms with your clothes on. Or combine it with sex to reach new depths of intimacy and transformation.

🌟 This course is open to all genders and beings.


We’re not just going to talk about full body orgasms. I’m going to guide you through an embodied practice for you to experience this for yourself.
You’ll learn how to soften, create safety, and open to your pleasure so that you can ride deeper and wilder waves of the ecstatic current.


∇  I’ll be sharing an Energetic Orgasm Practice that can be done fully clothed and just with your breath, movement and sound

∇  If you have deep trauma that you have not yet worked with it’s possible this ritual will be too much too soon.  This ritual is most suited for those who have done some embodiment practices, and trauma integration work.
Please note I am not a therapist, or a trauma specialist and my workshops are not intended to replace traditional therapy.  Everything I do is trauma informed, and will be a complement to other work that you may be doing.  If you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at to see if this course is a fit for you.

∇  For anyone who wants to do some trauma integration and somatic healing work before this ritual, I do offer one on one mentoring.  This way I can hold you in a more intimate and consistent container.  If this calls to you… you can apply to work with me.



So often people think that the only way is to tighten, contract, intensify.
This is a masculine or yang approach, where you create tension and build the energy until it’s ready to explode.
In this pathway you build pleasure in one area of the body, usually the genitals, leading to a climax that lasts on average 5 – 20 seconds.
This can be full of pleasure, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

With a full body orgasm instead of just feeling pleasure in your genitals or your sex, you’ll feel ripples of energy and bliss coursing through your entire body.

You do this by leaning into the subtle energies and sensations in your body.
It might start as goosebumps, tingling or electricity in your skin or a light feeling of euphoria.
Most people don’t think of these subtle energies as orgasmic, and might miss these cues entirely if they’re focusing on getting to a peak experience.

When you lean into these subtle sensations they grow, magnify and can become a tidal wave of ecstasy and stimulation in the body

It doesn’t have to be a sexual encounter.  It can be energetic, or combined with sex to be even more powerful and transformative.


The Full Body Orgasm Masterclass


    • Immediately get access 3 recordings of the class + practice recordings
    • Supportive private online community where you can connect with other sisters, ask questions, share your celebrations, and ask for support


Are you ready to awaken pathways in your body to unleash your ecstatic current?

Awakening this channel will also connect you to your creativity, your vibrance, and your natural state of bliss.




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If you know you want deeper support, you can also sign up for a 1-1 session with Aya along with your masterclass.


In your private session Aya can


🌟 guide you through the practice

🌟 support you to breakthrough any blocks or tensions that are holding you back from the full expression of your orgasmic potential

🌟 support you with insights to surrender even deeper into your ecstatic current




I’m ALL IN for Full Body Orgasms



In order to expand, you have to go down
and in within yourself.

Many self transformation courses and spiritual teachings emphasizes the ascension of energy.

How can we climb higher, have out of body experiences, and reach towards the cosmos and the unknown.

The wild womb way focuses on bringing the energy DOWN AND IN.

Rooting into the earth, coming back home into the body, diving deeper within, and exploring the subconscious memory and wisdom held in our shadow.

Facilitator Aya Kamānakai

Allured by the wild and beauty within us, Aya calls us to remember the ancient wisdom and awaken the intelligence stored inside our bodies. She passionately calls women to embrace their pleasure and reclaim their sexual energy as a life force to create the life of their dreams.

Combining embodied movement, somatic expression, and vocal empowerment, Aya guides journeys of self exploration designed to connect to our authentic selves, unearth our deepest desires and birth our highest offerings. Aya hosts exotic transformational retreats, womb awakening workshops, online courses and private coaching as a reimagined mystery school where we learn from the wild, the wisdom in our bodies, and the vastness of our inner-knowing.

Aya is faculty with ISTA (International School of Temple Arts), and a Shamanic Womb Apprentice with Janine Ma-ree a graduate of the Womb apprenticeship with the Dr Azra and Seren Bertrand of Womb Awakening, and is a VITA certified coach. She is an advocate for all beings reclaiming full creative potential, reviving wild sexuality, passion and rooting us in our sexual sovereignty.