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Do you feel the downward pull, and the whispers of the underworld?

The Descent will take you down into body, down into earth, and down into the dark. 


I’m ready. Take me deeper


This is a self paced course.  You can start at any time.



7 days , 7 Gates down into the underworld.

Following Inanna’s spiraling path. 


The Descent

You’re called to dive deeper, darker, below the surface of what your consciousness knows.
To courageously face what is hidden in your shadow and reclaim forgotten pieces of who you are.

There are many gifts for you waiting in the dark.

The descent is a surrender into the mystery.
To give up all you think you know.
To let go of any identity of who you think you might be.
To give yourself as a devotional prayer.
To the authentic current rising through you from he empty center.

Are you ready to follow the call rising from the dark core?



The Descent is calling YOU ~


  •  You feel an inner stirring to unlock more of your POWER.  You’re ready and willing to dive deeper into the subconscious realms to face all that is held there.
  • You want to awaken your INTUITION. To listen for messages that come through the earth, through your body, through the dark.
  • You want to come alive to your inner MAGIC. To remember the ancient wisdoms stored in your blood, in your bones, and in your DNA.
  • You want to RECLAIM the lost and taboo parts of yourself. Bringing home the forbidden and forgotten parts of your own soul.  Calling home your wild, your sex, your deep feminine, your dark power.
  • You’re ready for a journey of SURRENDER. Unraveling all that you think you are to see the authentic current that wants to flow through you.

Are you feeling potency of this work calling?




7 days , 7 Gates down into the underworld.


This is a self paced course, and can start at any time.


The dark holds the keys to your potency, to your earth magic, to your innate POWER.
The descent into divinity goes down and IN.
You meet divinity by going deeper into the physical experience.
By feeling and activating your emotional body all the way through.
You let all of life pierce you through to the core, and meet goddess through the physical body.


Are you ready to remember?
xx Aya


Inanna’s Descent


Inanna is the Sumerian Goddess of love, fertility, war, and sex, known as the “Queen of Heaven.”

One of the epithets of Inanna was Nin-e-galla translated as “Queen of the Palace” but literally meaning “Queen of the Temple of the Vulva.”
Inanna was a “Sacred Woman” revered for her vibrant sexuality, and feminine wisdom.  Temples in Sumer celebrated sex as the spark of life, and the energy of creation. She’s often pictured resting her bared leg on her sacred lion, while piercing into the viewer with her penetrating gaze.

In her Descent journey she is journeying down into the core of the Earth Womb to meet her sister Ereshkigal in the underworld.

The underworld is the deep, dark womb of the earth.
It’s primordial wisdom, it holds the pains and gifts of the shadow. It is the space of the forbidden, where the sacred and the profane meet and merge.

On her journey down she must cross 7 gates, and meets 7 guardians of those gates.
At each gate she is asked to remove her adornments and garments that symbolize parts of her, and her power and defense mechanisms.
By the time she reaches the 7th and final gates, she is asked to remove all of her clothing.

To truly meet her dark sister she must cross into the underworld, naked and crawling.

“For that is the way of the Underworld”

In our Descent, we will shamanically journey through these 7 gates.

Letting go of our adornments, clothing and armor, and crawl naked in, to surrender at the feet of the dark mother.


The Descent


𓆸 Many traditions and myths speak of a descent journey into the underworld.  This is an initiatory rite which imbues the devotee with ancient wisdom, power.

𓆸 For 7 days and 7 nights you’ll follow the Descent of Inanna as she spirals down through the 7 gates into the Underworld

𓆸 On each day and at each gate you’ll be invited to let go, surrender some piece of your ego or identity.  Letting yourself unravel, and empty as you journey deeper, darker in.

𓆸 This is a journey of death and rebirth, a dissolution and surrender to the mystery

𓆸 You’re invited to take a look into your shadow.  To see all that you’ve been hiding from even yourself.  There you may see the parts of you that you hate the most.  AND, you may be surprised by how many gifts, and the beauty and magic that you don’t let yourself see in yourself.


What you receive with The Descent


𓆗 Guided shamanic journey through Inanna’s descent into the underworld.

𓆗 DAILY 10 minute video to guide you through the 7 gates

𓆗 You’ll receive a daily practice to support your underworld journey, as well as journal prompts each day.

𓆗 You’ll have access to all recorded content for LIFE. So you can revisit these practices any time you’d like!

𓆗 Private Group for celebration, accountability, support, and to ask any questions during your journey.

1 on 1 support through your Descent


For some of you, you already know that this is going to be a DEEP INITIATION.
Perhaps you want some personalized support along the way.

I’m offering a 2 session package with the Descent for only $888.


This is usually my normal price for 2 sessions, so you receive access to the Descent completely FREE.
I also usually only do 3 – 9 month packages, so this is a special offer just for Descent season.

These sessions can support you to:

𓆗  Navigate deep emotional currents that may come up for you during your Descent

𓆗 Discover and move past old patterns and blocks that keep you playing small.

𓆗 Feel more whole. We will reclaim parts of yourself that you have subtly rejected through your life, integrating all of you back home into your being.

𓆗 Fall more in love with yourself. As you take pleasure in yourself and your own body, you feel feel empowered and capable. And as a bonus, you become alluring and irresistible to others.

“I’m here to help you remember your authentic self, clear deep-rooted blocks and harness the sexual energy to live the life of your dreams. I am committed to YOU living a life full of pleasure and adventure.” – Aya Kamanakai

** All sessions are online via Zoom, so you can work with me no matter where you live.

You’ll see the option for 1 on 1 work with me on the Registration Page.

Do you feel the downward call of the Underworld?


Your deepest gifts and power lie in your shadow.

It’s time. Are you ready to welcome your full self home?




Your Guide Aya Kamānakai

Allured by the wild and beauty within us, Aya calls us to remember the ancient wisdom and awaken the intelligence stored inside our bodies. She passionately calls women to embrace their pleasure and reclaim their sexual energy as a life force to create the life of their dreams.

Combining embodied movement, somatic expression, and vocal empowerment, Aya guides journeys of self exploration designed to connect to our authentic selves, unearth our deepest desires and birth our highest offerings. Aya hosts exotic transformational retreats, womb awakening workshops, online courses and private coaching as a reimagined mystery school where we learn from the wild, the wisdom in our bodies, and the vastness of our inner-knowing.

Aya is faculty with ISTA (International School of Temple Arts), and a Shamanic Womb Apprentice with Janine Ma-ree a graduate of the Womb apprenticeship with the Dr Azra and Seren Bertrand of Womb Awakening, and is a VITA certified coach. She is an advocate for all beings reclaiming full creative potential, reviving wild sexuality, passion and rooting us in our sexual sovereignty.