Wanna increase your chances of winning some free AyaPapaya designs?
We are so excited to announce our new Instagram Contest, inspired by the many meanings behind the name “Aya.” Once a month, we will select one lucky winner to receive some gorgeous AyaPapaya goddess wear! Make sure to follow all our social media for regular contests and giveaways! Read below for instructions on how to enter our Instagram contest:
 1. Follow @AyaPapayaWear on Instagram
2. Embody the archetypes of Aya, and post a #selfie of yourself wearing AyaPapayaWear on Instagram
3. Make sure to tag @AyaPapayawear and use the hashtag #EmbodyAya
***FYI every single photo posted with #EmbodyAya and @AyaPapayaWear are separate entries to our contest drawing, which means, the more you post, the more times you’re entered! We’ll be randomly drawing winners once a month with different gifts each time. Remember to #EmbodyAya and post your pics each month to increase your chances of winning!
#EMBODYAYA . . . Aya is . . .
~ Akkadian Mother Goddess associated with the dawn
~ In Korea, derived from word loved
~ In Arabic, miracle, or sign
~ An African symbol for endurance & resourcefulness
~ In Japan, beautiful weaving
We all carry these archetypes and more inside of us. Let your clothing and adornments be a reminder of who you truly are, and all the beauty and power are inherent in who you are!

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