It’s 1:30AM, after a full day of yoga, dance, work, and I had just gotten out of a warm bath.  As I’m about to crawl into bed, I hear loud music coming from right outside my window.  We live in an older house with very very thin walls, so when people are loud outside, it sounds like they’re actually in the house with you.  I find it’s two girls in their car blasting sad love songs and singing at the top of their voice.  After an attempt to ask nicely to turn it down, followed by them turning up the volume and singing louder, I could feel the irritation start to build in me.  All I wanted was to remain in my warm glow post magnesium bath, and enjoy silence as I drift off to sleep.  Feeling a bit cheated, I was starting to get a bit angry, it is past 1am on a weekday, do these girls have no respect or care of others?
Then, I caught myself.  I could sit here and stew over their lack of concern for others, or just deal with it.  I could see that sleep right then was no longer an option, so I could either be awake angry, or take this as a sign to get some work done and enjoy the humor in the situation at hand.  The girls will keep singing loudly off pitch regardless.
So here I am at 1:47am sending love to the loud strangers, smiling at the cheesy songs, and reminded that no matter what the day, or night throws at us, it’s up to us to create the reality that we want to live in.

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