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One Hoop One Love ~ Retreat at Kalani, Big Island

Right now I’m “working” in Hawai’i sharing AyaPapaya and selling clothes and adornments at a hoopdance retreat.  Yes, there’s entire retreats based on the art of hoopdance, and many of us are even professional hoop dancers, or teachers.  It’s a treat to work amongst friends, and get to spend some time on the island snorkeling, lounging by the pool, watching the sunrise over the ocean and soaking under the stars in the hot tubs.
In this ideal working environment, I had an encounter last night which mirrored and reaffirmed why I love creating adornments and clothing.  I had a small table of goodies out during a dance party when a woman who was not from our retreat came over and tried on some dresses.  We had an instant connection, she told me that I was the version of herself she wanted to be when she was younger.  She had dabbled in fashion, but stepped away in another direction.  I saw her face light up as she put on her dress, and she remarked that it made her feel younger and inspired her to have more fun.  That is the moment that makes the hours of hard work, and schlepping inventory on airplanes so precious and worthwhile.  When I get to see someone tap into a part of themselves that they had forgotten and see  their smiles grow.
This is why I love what I do ~  I believe that putting on adornments or clothing can help you remember and embody the beauty that is already in you.  Our pieces don’t make you beautiful, but it is made with the intention to remind you of the strength, beauty, and grace rooted in all of us.  

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