“I am a musician. Making music feels like an extension of who I am.  It allows to express myself in ways that words don’t provide.  It also inspired movement.  And I believe music and movement have the power to heal.” ~ Rain


It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten to write a post in the “Women in Movement” series.  This time around, we’re changing it up and highlighting a man, one of my favorite artists, who’s sets always get me moving and dancing, Rain, Phutureprimitive.  I remember the first time that I saw Rain on stage, being struck not only by the beats but by his electric energy on stage.  I could see every fiber of his being alive in the music, speaking to the crowd without words, and beaming love and life into the crowd.

Rain started music young, “plinking on piano keys before I could talk.”  After a car accident, he used his insurance money to buy his first sampler, and explore music.  Music is an extension of Rain, and his interactions with the world around him, a way to “express things that words can’t.”  Emotions, travels, sights, the music will “hit me and flow out of the speakers . . . like I’m tuning in to what’s already there, I’m just giving it form in the shape of vibrations.”  I love that description of his creative process, in a way all art is just a person “giving it form”, whether it comes out in vibrations, movement, or visually.  A lot of Rain’s music is instrumental, purposefully to leave space for each individual’s experience, and interpretation.  His music is rich in duality, in minor tones calling on the dark, but carrying hope and beauty.

The last time I saw Rain, we talked of how often dancers and flow artists use his tracks in their videos. I also often teach, or play his tracks at spin jams.  When we think of sound, we think of it in a two dimensional sense; often a graph of sine waves come to mind, waving up and down.  In reality, sound is three dimensional, ever spiraling out and filling empty space.  I believe this is why music is so tied into movement, that as the three dimensional sounds spiral through us, our bodies move to mimic, or answer that call.  Every DJ/Producer transmits their own energy when they take the stage, and I believe that they all have the potential to be “healers” in their own right, engaging the crowd in movement through their own processes and breakthroughs.

Watch out for the release of his newest album sometime this summer, “Searching for Beauty in the Darkest Places, Part 2”.  You can check out the rest of his music here ~ http://music.phutureprimitive.com/

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