“Union” by Android Jones

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!  Wether you’re single, or in a relationship, I hope you are celebrating tonight with loved ones!!
A few months ago, I read a blog about what women need from men, and venting frustrations of how hard it is to find a good man.  I’ve heard this same sentiment repeated by many women; too many guys are emotionally stunted, incapable or connecting intimately, or just not mature enough.
Sometimes as women we look to men to be all that we need/want them to be, without asking ourselves what they need from us first.  We look at men either through a lens of disillusionment from past frustrations, or we place too much expectations and ideals on their shoulders.
As much as women need to feel loved, nurtured, taken care of, men need to feel respected, supported, and believed in.  Having been in a committed relationship for the past three years, I know that I feel more free to bloom and express myself fully because I have a loving partner who constantly reaffirms me for who I am.
I believe that as men will be the strongest version of themselves when they feel the respect and support of a woman.  The greatest thing that we can do for our men is to believe in them, reaffirm their strengths, and be extra gracious when their weaknesses come up.  They need us as much as we need them.  This goes not only for our lovers or partners, but our brothers, friends, teachers, fathers.  If we go into any relationship, or friendship expecting them to fail us, what chance do they have?  Expect them to rise, expect them to be true, see their heart and their character.  We are all constantly helping shape eachother by our words, looks, and every little interactions.  We can  all forge healthier relationships, and encourage personal growth, as we transform the way we view the opposite sex.
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