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I can’t believe it’s August already and  that Burning Man is right around the corner!  The playa has been a consistent source of inspiration for me personally, and for new designs for AyaPapaya.  More then a few of our designs started out as costumes that I whipped up for myself to wear in the desert.  They were often times last minute projects that turned into late nights of sewing, and creating.

Some of you might remember that in the beginning AyaPapaya only sold feather earrings.  Back in 2009 I was going to my first burning man decompression (prior to being at the burn) and I really wanted a pair of feather earrings to wear.  I decided to experiment and make a pair for myself.  Once all my friends asked me to make them a pair I decided to make it into a small business.  At the time I was in transition and working at a restaurant while I figured out the next steps in life.  A year later I was able to quit my restaurant job and go full time with AyaPapaya, eventually expanding to body/hair chains, and now clothing.
I love the level of art, generosity and creativity exploding in all directions on playa.  I feel rejuvenated both by the silence of the desert (I love adventuring out in deep playa) and the colorful vibration of the people.   I am so thankful for the burner community for supporting AyaPapaya and aided in my growth as an individual and as a business owner.
To celebrate both my gratitude and love of the Burning Man community and what it stands for, I’m offering deep discounts on my most popular designs.  Every year I love seeing people rocking their AyaPapaya out on the playa, I think playa dust makes everything look sexier, and sometimes even more elegant.
I hope to see you out there with your AyaPapaya Wear!!
Much love,
Aya Iwasaki

I also LOVE seeing photos of all of you wearing your AyaPapaya.  
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