The closer one gets to realizing his Personal Legend, the more that Personal Legend becomes his true reason for being ~ Paulo Coehlo, The Alchemist
Realizing Personal Legend BlogAt the beginning of the year, I wrote a post titled “Reflections in the New Year” about my commitment to a year of self awareness, growth, and exploration.  I started out the year with as sense that change is coming, having more questions then answers, but with the constant question “Am I ready for anything?”  I decided that I wanted to organize, declutter, find more ways to pursue my passions and daily incorporate changes that make me happier, more fulfilled.
A few months in, I see the answers to my questions starting to form, and my vision coming into clearer focus.  I’ve decided to chronicle some of these changes in a project which I call “Realizing my Personal Legend.”  I am a huge Paulo Coelho fan, in the Alchemist a young boy goes on an epic journey, flowing signs from spirit, and making every sacrifice in order to realize his Personal Legend.  Everyone’s Personal Legend is different, and the road to get there is often twisted, passing by shortcuts to take the longer tougher road where we learn the skills we need, and develop our character.
photo (8)In order to set the space for transformation,  I am clearing up clutter and getting my house into order.  For AyaPapaya I travel a lot and it is really easy for our place to become a mess every time we get back into town.  A beautiful space to live and work both puts me at easy, and inspires creativity daily.  Setting my home space included buying new curtains, tidying up the office, and creating a meditation space where I can pray, read cards, practice reiki, and theta (more of this later).
Another change I’ve made is to banishing my lap top out of the bedroom.  I used to fall asleep watching a movie, only to wake up the next morning pull my laptop to me in bed and start answering work emails.  Since taking my laptop out of my bedroom, I sleep better, take time to myself before starting the work day, and my sleep cycle has shifted to where I get to bed at a reasonable hour and wake up earlier in the day.  I am so thankful for these results that even when I’m tempted to lay in bed and watch movies, I’ll lay on the couch to watch those movies, or more often just go to bed earlier.
These may seem like small changes, but already it’s leading to a healthier lifestyle, freeing up time and energy for me to realize my Personal Legend.  When I was in my twenties fresh out of college, I thought I not only knew my Personal Legend but also exactly how to get there.  10 years later, after disappointments, periods of disillusionment, and a whole lot of life lessons, I know that my path ahead is not in concrete but ever evolving, listening to subtle hints of which steps to take next even when those steps seem to take me away from my bigger goals for a time.
Here’s what I know about my Personal Legend ~
~ I will do work that inspires women and men to connect to spirit, recognize their unique beauty, and empowers them to release their authentic essence into the world.
~ I will continue to teach dance, with and without fire, with and without a flow tool, to aid women and men to connect with their bodies, learn how to process and grow through dance and release through movement.
~ I will have a healing practice, although it may not look like me having an office and taking appointments for “healing sessions.”
~  I will facilitate retreats where women and men can gather with the intention of self transformation, physical, emotional, and spiritual.
~  I will contribute towards anti-sex trafficking organizations, work on exit strategies for women in the sex industry because of financial need, facilitate aid for women in abusive relationships, raising awareness stateside, and working with local organizations both in America and abroad.
~  I will travel a lot in my life.  It feeds, inspires, and enlivens me in a way that nothing else does.
How all of these things will tie together in my life, at what frequency, and what level of involvement on my part, I am ok with not knowing for now.  Paulo Coelho writes of the “mysterious chain that links one thing to another” weaving our lives perfectly towards our Personal Legends without us knowing it, and most often working potently when we feel most far away from it.

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