Gratitude Sale 2016 PostcardHappy Thanksgiving everyone!  Hope that you are having a beautiful meal with loved ones and family.

As the nation goes into holiday shopping mode I encourage you all to consider shopping local and support made in America products.  By shopping local, more of your money stays within the local community as local businesses create jobs in your community, and funds local services including libraries, parks, and education through paying local taxes.  Statistically $68 out of every $100 spent at a local shop goes back into your local community versus only $25 spent at a major retail chain.

Did you know that the United States imports $2.2 trillion dollars worth of products from over 150 countries every year?  The shipping of product from overseas results in 1.1 billion gallons of fuel used, and 1 billion metric tons of CO2 used adding up to 50% of the pollution in the United States.  Choosing local, independent businesses and made in America brands cuts down on processing, packaging and transportation waste.

The final compelling reason to shop made in America particularly in the fashion industry is to ensure that the workers who made your garment were paid fair wages.  An estimated 150 to 200 million children ages 5 to 14 in developing countries  are forced to work in sweatshops to create apparel sold in the United States.  Oftentimes women and children work in dangerous conditions with little break and many risks to their health.  Americans love to shop bargains at ross or walmart but don’t always realize that saving $20 on a shirt could be because someone else in a foreign country far away was working under hazardous conditions to make that shirt with little to no pay.  America is not completely guilt free and certainly we have sweatshops stateside as well.  However, conscientious clothing brands who follow up with thier production process can see to it that our labor laws are being enforced to create our garments.

At AyaPapaya, 100% of our garments, and accessories are handmade with love in California.  I have an excellent production team who makes every garment in Los Angeles, and a team of women who I’ve trained personally making our accessories.  I am proud to support our local economy, reduce or environmental footprint, and advocate for fair wages in the fashion industry.  I’m so grateful to be able to produce our line right here in our backyard.

We’ve got some great deals going this weekend with your favorite designs up to 50% off.  SHOP NOW AT AYAPAPAYA.

For those of you in California, Oregon or Minnesota not wanting to stand in long lines and push through crowds to go shopping for Black Friday, you could instead choose to visit a national park!  Many national parks are making it FREE for us to enjoy their parks for the holiday.  You can always take advantage of online sales before or after enjoying your outdoor adventures!


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