YES BELOVED… it takes so much bravery to travel down a path of sexual healing and empowerment…

I am SO happy that you’re taking this step to reconnect with your Yoni…



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More Pleasure Please Self LOVE Bundle $398

This includes two courses: Flowing Rivers Squirting for Pleasure and Healing + Deep Healing A Yoni DeArmoring Ritual (You save $46)

Deep Healing is a dearmoring practice to bring your loving awareness to your yoni and sex.  It is a gentle practice of moving through blocks, emotions, old stories stored in your physical, mental, emotional body.
The reason it’s in the this Pleasure package is that sometimes when we let go and release stagnancy and blocks we create more space for pleasure, and life to flow.

These two practices are potent on their own, and the content weaves very well together.  Both courses have hours of pre recorded content, along with a supportive community.  You’ll be invited to any future calls for either calls.
*note that Flowing Rivers and Deep Healing just got a major upgrade with all new content and videos.  Links to buy Obsidian Wands at the bottom of this page.


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Description of the wands at the bottom of this page…
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Pleasure Deep Dive Self Love Bundle $808

This one has Flowing River +  Deep Healing + the Jade Way (You save $242!)

On top of what you get for the More Pleasure Please Bundle  the deep dive adds in the Jade Way.

The Jade Way is a 6 week initiation into your pleasure and sexual healing using the ancient art of the Jade Egg.  I LOVE the Jade Egg practices, and it’s been a huge support in my own healing and transformation.

Here’s what I’ve personally experienced with the practice:

🌹 I have more energy

🌹I feel more connected to my womb wisdom and intuition

🌹I fall in love with my body more and more and feel confident and radiant

🌹My libido goes through the roof. So much juicy, creative energy overflowing through me.

🌹My yoni feels happy, juicy, and so wet all the time

Links for Obsidian Wands and Jade Eggs at the bottom of this page.

You can pay in full $808, make 3 payments of  $282, or make 5 payments of $172

Our Obisdian Wand…
It’s Hand Carved Volcanic massage wand… One of the most luxurious toys on Earth. Feel yourself being healed and aroused by magic

I  hope that this massage wand will bring you healing and bliss for the years to come.

Retails for $122 and you get shipping comped when you order it with one of our courses.

Obsidian is a volcanic glass which is hard, smooth, and nonporous. Black Obsidian resonates with the root chakra as it aids with grounding and connecting to the Earth. This Wand is ideal for those who wish to appreciate the strength of their bodies and want assistance in remembering their purpose.

  • The beautiful thing about obsidian is that, if you place it in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes before use, it’ll continue to radiate heat, which is a gloriously delicious sensation.

Emotional/Spiritual benefits: Black stones have protective energies and symbolize self-control, truth and resilience. Obsidian is a very protective stone and is excellent for removing negativity. In particular, obsidian protects from past trauma or abuse and is used to cut attachment cords to release old patterns. It is a very grounding stone, and very healing.