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Want to awaken pleasure in your body and reclaim your WILD power?

Calling women to explore womb healing and the sex mysteries while dancing with serpents . . .


Serpent Moon Retreat

With Aya Kamanakai and Rose Amaru
Dates coming up this summer!

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Imagine . . . waking up in the mountains and breathing in the crisp air…
Surrounded by women dedicated to healing our creative energy and reawakening the temple arts including deep embodiment, sexual healing rituals and dancing with live serpents . . .

If you’re looking to…


~ Connect with tribe to reawaken your wild  essence and fully embody your personal power…

~ Spend time moving and dancing with live serpents…

~ Claim your sexual sovereignty and open pathways to more PLEASURE…

~ Move stagnant energy and clear past trauma so life force can move freely in your body…

~ Awaken your inner dragon… reclaim your abundant sexual energy as raw power…

~ Connect to your intuition, and learn how to manifest with grace and flow…

Aya is a true force of nature. Her courage and authenticity radiate in everything she does with genuine care and compassion at the core of her work.

When you have a teacher and guide who is adept at being able to authentically relate her own vulnerability in front of a group of other incredible women, strange magic happens. Thank you Aya for your guidance during the beautiful and heart opening Serpent Moon Retreat 2019 in Mt. Shasta. – Ascena S.

Ascena S.

I used to be afraid of snakes…

I was at a music festival a few years back when I met Rose Mary, and shared with her my fear of snakes, a completely irrational yet ingrained dislike of the serpent.  Later that weekend, another sister brought Damiana ( a 8 ft red tailed boa) and placed her over my shoulders.  I instinctively took off all my layers so that I could feel Damiana fully on my bare skin, and instead of repulsion which I expected, I was fully entranced.   The serpents are master somatic movers, isolating every muscle in their body, and moving fluidly across your body, as though giving you the most delicate massage, and dancing with your energy at the same time.   After that, I spent days at Rose’s moving and learning from Damiana, and other serpents like her.  Through them I feel my kundalini awakening, from their dance I feel the divine feminine flow through me as well as a deep connection to my sexual power.

This retreat is for you if you…

~ onesSsss ready reconnect to nature and the WILD world around you

~ onesSsss reclaiming their sexual energy as raw creative power

~ onesSsss ready to reawaken their womb and deeply connect with their true essence

~ onesSsss ready to clear long held trauma patterns and limiting beliefs so that they can reach their full potential

~ onesSsss who are curious are called to walking the path of the serpent, reawakening practices honoring and learning from these wise beingssss . . . .

~ onessSsss ready to live fully embodied and free to express authentically through movement and voice


Apply to win a partial scholarship!


Ready to register? Sign up today with a $333 deposit!

REGISTER (Limited Space Available)

In 4 days you will . . .

In 4 days you will . . .
~ Have daily movement sessions with the serpent dancing and learning from these beingsSsss.  Rose Mary from Serpent Sanctum will be guiding us to deepen our connection with the serpent and to move with them in a safe and honoring way.

~ Celebrate the cycles of the moon with your sisters

~ Reawaken ancient practices in womb / hara healing including Womb Pulsing.  These practices will connect you to your personal power and confidence, improve libido and sexual pleasure, and bring movement and release to stuck patterns so that life force can flow freely throughout your body.

~ Bring to life the temple arts, and learn how to harness sexual energy as creative life force…

~ Daily embodied movement journeys with Aya to remember and embrace your WILD spirit.  Just as we all have a unique fingerprint, there is a blueprint within us all a blueprint of how our body yearns to move.  Every person is a dancer, every dancer has their flow, their language that their body weaves.  As we remember who we are we use breathwork, to explore the subtle energies moving throughout our bodies, allowing for stillness, and letting our movements rise up from within.

~ Sharing circles and teachings around the womb / blood mysteries and a deeper connection to the feminine polarity that lives in both men and women’s bodies.

Are you ready to break through???

~ Harness your creative power through your pleasure and learn how to manifest with flow and ease…

~ Increase sexual libido and embody your full sensual pleasure…

~ Connect and live your true passion and purpose…

~ Embody your full vibrance magnetizing abundance and your dreams…

~ Call in freedom and movement to stuck patterns and old ways of thinking…

~ Embody your full vibrance magnetizing abundance and your dreams…

~ Embrace your full POWER…

You will leave this retreat…

~ Feeling at home in your body, and connected to your sacred sexuality

~ With new ohana (family) who are dedicated to their own transformation and supportive of your process

~ With a deeper connection to the serpent magic and practical knowledge on serpent handling and care

Included in Your Retreat

  • 4 day 3 night stay in the Santa Cruz Mountains
  • Organic meals provided from the day you arrive to our last morning together (
  • Facilitated workshops, ceremony, and guided sessions lead by Aya Kamanakai and Rose Amaru throughout the event
  • Opportunity to dance with live serpents

Your Facilitators for Ancient Voices Retreat

Aya Kamanakai

Allured by the wild and beauty within us, Aya Kamanakai calls you to remember the ancient wisdom and intelligence stored inside our bodies. She passionately calls you to embrace your pleasure and reclaim pleasure as life force to create the life of your dreams.

Combining embodied movement, somatic expression, and vocal empowerment, Aya guides journeys of soul exploration designed to connect to your authentic self, unearth your deepest expression and reclaim your power and pleasure. Aya hosts exotic transformational retreats, womb awakening workshops, online courses and private coaching as a reimagined mystery school where we learn from the wild, the wisdom in our bodies, and the vastness of our inner-knowing.

Aya is faculty with ISTA (International School of Temple Arts), and a Shamanic Womb + Dark Grad with Janine Ma-ree a as well as a Womb grad with  Dr Azra and Seren Bertrand of Womb Awakening, and is a VITA certified coach. She is an advocate for all beings reclaiming full creative potential, reviving wild sexuality, passion and rooting us in our sexual sovereignty.

Rose Mary

Rose Mary from Serpent Sanctum is President and Founder of Serpent Sanctum. Her vision brought together the amazing group of serpents, women and supporters. She offers healing sessions with the serpents, shedding what no longer serves, transforming and transmuting the old, realigning the chakras and activating the kundalini. She is a certified Theta II practitioner, has studied tantric shamanism, and is a licensed priestess recognized by the State of California. mollie-bioMollie Hull ~ Our Photographer Extroardinaire Mollie specializes in environmental portraiture, visual storytelling, and authentic documentation with a keen emphasis on natural light.  She helps companies, organizations, and individuals communicate their message by creating natural images that define their true story. Mollie is interested most in light’s alliance with the world.  Reflecting shared experiences of joy and humor, wonder and integration, she feels she can create a space for honest optimism and surprising revelations.  She witnesses and honors the artistry of existence as she encounters it within nature, art, music, society.

Mollie Hull

Our Photographer Extroardinaire

Mollie specializes in environmental portraiture, visual storytelling, and authentic documentation with a keen emphasis on natural light. She helps companies, organizations, and individuals communicate their message by creating natural images that define their true story.

Mollie is interested most in light’s alliance with the world. Reflecting shared experiences of joy and humor, wonder and integration, she feels she can create a space for honest optimism and surprising revelations. She witnesses and honors the artistry of existence as she encounters it within nature, art, music, society.

Healthy and High Vibe Food

We’ll be providing organic meals sourced locally as much as possible. Three meals a day will have vegan / vegetarian / gluten free options, and free range meat and wild fish.

We will have a dedicated team on site creating all our meals with LOVE.


The work that Aya does is revolutionary. Her fiercely kind eyes looked into mine, SAW me unabashedly in the stickiness of my humanity, and loved me unconditionally through it. Aya doesn’t just hold space for a roomful of women in their pain and bliss, she goes there WITH us, and when we’re afraid or uncertain she’ll go there first. My gratitude for the explosion of healing that took place at Serpent Moon extends beyond language and across generations.

I went into the weekend not knowing any other way but to tense every muscle in my body upon an encounter with a snake. Yet over the course of three days with 19 daring women, I located the part of me paralyzed by fear and quite literally shook my entire body through that terror into blissful relaxation. My wildest dreams and wildest fears leapt out, danced their emotive dances, and made peace with one another. I learned emotional release tools that I want to share with everyone I know. Thanks to the container created at the retreat, I am returning to my body with the intention of trusting my womb’s wisdom and treating my pleasure as sacred.

In essence, guided by Mount Shasta’s stable presence and Aya’s wild laugh, I was reminded of how deeply supported I am in my CRAZY, how utterly UNALONE I am in my hurting, and how HOPE is a path of courage I choose to walk with sisters who are unafraid to feel. ~ Anna H.

Anna H.

 I have received some of the most valuable lessons and practices that I felt tremendously help me in my personal development . I learned how to cope with trauma in a productive way, use communication to set or break boundaries and limitations, build trust and love with the serpents, and much more!
I felt so heard and held by the facilitators and the group attendees which helped me break down the my “ego” protective walls and dig out the old baggage that I was hiding from myself…
I loved that we learned about the importance of the serpents and their relationship to us… They taught me to not be ashamed of myself because I have an inner serpent too! I would definitely go back to the next retreat and would recommend as many people to explore this style of healing and self transformation. Mesha

Mesha E

Usually in retreats, it takes awhile for me to feel completely safe to come out fully in my inner dragon and Priestess, in both my masculine and feminine counterparts. 

Because of the grounding opening ritual, the emphasis on connecting to nature and to our own bodies through dance, the raw potent Serpent medicine, the raw powerful transmission and the level of permission Aya provided, I dropped in fully to the experience and was able to use the emotional processing tools we were taught to clear a lot of my repressed anger and shame around my sexuality.

The highlight for me was an exercise where we were led to go deep into our mother wound. I’ve avoided my connection with my mother for a very very long time. This exercise was super profound and created space for me to release a lot of my emotions. This allowed me to feel acceptance and to feel fully present to embrace my creativity, my divinity, my sensuality, my play, and my pleasure. Not to mention, I now have a huge affinity, respect, reverance towards serpents and can’t wait to see how this ties into my own personal healing work in the future. 


As a seeker of profound transformative experiences, I highly recommend Aya’s retreat and commend her for creating such a profound container for us all to feel comfortable in our own bodies and show up fully as we are.  Tiffany L.

Tiffany L.

I attended my first ever retreat with Aya at the Serpent Moon Retreat. I was extremely nervous about being so vulnerable and unhinged in front of people and even myself, afraid of what would surface. Without a doubt, attending this retreat set me on the path to my healing journey. Aya was very gentle in easing my fears. She explained just how gentle the process would unfold throughout the weekend and she was exactly right. Her loving energy and utmost passion in helping others discover their feminine divinity helped me dive deep into the medicine work to truly experience profound healing. I’m eternally grateful for Aya’s vision and healing work to bring her medicine to others. It has made such a healing impact on my life of which I’m integrating more and more as each day passes. I realize just how important it is to do this work on yourself and how releasing emotional trauma clears room to allow for more abundance of what you want shine through. -Iris P.

Iris P.

“To say the Serpent Moon Retreat was one of the best things I’ve done would be an understatement. My life has been a series of traumas and my last one, a car accident, left me not only physically injured but spiritually broken.
I’ve always identified strongly with the snake as one of my spirit animals so to find this retreat felt like a gift from the Universe. Aya with her loving heart made it possible for me in any way possibly to go and I am so thankful to her for that.
The transformation I have felt since the retreat has been remarkable and consistent. I feel more at one with myself and others… I am a woman is finally seeing herself as she is and falling in love with her more and more. And I believe Serpent Moon was the first step I took into believing in my true self and giving me the love and investment I deserve. Thank you Aya and serpent medicine!!! I will never forget this adventure.”

Angela C

I am ready to give my full body


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