Love for Aya

“I felt safer with aya to heal and explore my sexuality than I have with any other practitioner. She holds an extremely nonjudgmental and knowledgeable space. She embodies the work and walks her talk. I am so grateful to have connected with her on my own healing journey; she has been a source of compassion for me and I know for many others as well. Thank you Aya!!!”

Melanie B.

“The coaching and love I received from Aya has been one of the most transformative and healing experiences of my life. We found each other through just the right kind of universe serendipity, at a time when I was really struggling with confidence, safe intimacy, and past trauma…here we are, mere months later, and I walk around feeling like the strong, powerful, sexy goddess of my mind’s eye! I now harness my power and use my voice when it comes to both safe boundaries and sacred pleasure, and life is that much juicier. I cleared stuck energy from past trauma, I improved my relationship with my parents, and I found a fountain of self-love. She gave me lovingly tailored home practices I use every day, to keep the progress going beyond our sessions. Endless gratitude to Aya and her skillful, safe, customized, loving approach to this work. If you could use a boost or a total overhaul when it comes to any of these areas, I can’t recommend Aya enough!”

Peaches T.

“I’ve been working with Aya as a life coach for a bit over 8 months and I cannot begin to tell you the TREMENDOUS transformation I have gone through with Aya’s love, guidance and expertise. She helps you to remember yourself. The medicine Aya brings is bar none, she is pure magic. I’ve done every sort of mind/body/spirit therapy out there and it wasn’t until I started working one on one w Aya that my whole world dramatically shifted and allowed me to become the change I aspired to be. She’s helped me with severe childhood trauma, sexual trauma and has helped me regain my power, my voice and reclaim my sexuality… I love everything she brings to the table- it’s edgy, raw, wild and deeply transformative!!!”

Lindsey F.