My Sexual Healing Journey

I used to be blocked in my sexuality. . .

Dissociating during sex, my mind would go blank and I wouldn’t even know until after. I was so uncomfortable in my body sexually even though in all other areas I moved and danced freely.

My first sexual healer asked me why I went to session.

I thought I was there to heal my relationship, and have better sex. Instead I spoke on how my business was tanking, I was low on cash flow, and feeling uninspired with my work.

I asked could this be connected to my block in sexuality?

Now, it’s so clear to me that when we deny our sexual pleasure in turn on, we deny ourselves of our innate power and flow in all areas of life.

Once I started to do embrace my sexuality, I started to sell out all my retreats, business picked up, my bank account never dipped close to zero again. Today I have a thriving business doing what I love and in alignment with my life purpose.

A woman or man truly in touch with their own sexual vibrance becomes more WHOLE and uniquely themselves. They are guided by intuition and make decisions with ease. They know how to weild their power and magnetize everything that they want and need.