reversible backless dress
Last year, in a whirlwind to get production done in time for festivals I launched our first run of dresses, and sweaters.  I had the vision, worked out the pattern, fabric, went into production, and had my first 50 dresses in hand just in time  to launch the  Iris dresses at Lucidity Festival all in under a month.  I considered it a miracle to have accomplished that in such a short amount of time! It’s now been a year, and we’ve come out with another dress, as well as tops, I’ve learned a lot about the clothing industry in the last year.  I feel like I went through the crash course of starting a clothing line!
Going forward into 2014 and beyond, I’ve decided to make key adjustments in my clothing production.  Time to put all I learned into action, and level up! I am tightening up the production team in LA, and putting labels in all our garments.  I’m upgrading most of my fabrics to a higher quality material that is not only more durable, also a sustainable, eco friendly, and made right here in Los Angeles.  50-75% of our fabric will be this new fabric!
Durable ~ Our dresses will be the same silky soft feel that you’re used to and I’ve also tested the new fabric for durability, and it wears nicer then our old fabric.
Sustainable ~ We will be using Modal, which is made of beechwood tree fibers using non toxic solvents.  Beechwood multiplies by  “rejuvenation” propagating itself without need for artificial irrigation making it a sustainable source of raw material.
Local ~ Most fabrics are shipped from overseas, and heavy, large bolts of fabric come with a high carbon footprint.  We source our Modal from a local factory right here in Los Angeles.  Aside from our fabric choice, we will continue to produce all of our garments in LA, providing jobs for the local economy, and keeping our carbon footprint low.
Of course as we upgrade fabrics, tighten up our production process, our costs go up.  We’ve made all our decisions sticking to our philosophy of sourcing local, producing local, and eco friendly, and still keeping our prices competitive for all of you.  All of this means that our prices will go up a little bit this year, the Iris reversible dresses will be going up in price between $15-$20/piece.  This is the cost for us to be able to offer the highest quality garment without having to outsource the fabric, or the production more then necessary.
Iris Hooded Dress I will be finishing up our dresses from last year’s production line at the current price point.  If price is an issue, and if you’ve been waiting to grab your Iris dress, now is the time.  I have a limited stock that I hope to sell out of within the month!
Colors on sale for $85 here
Black/Grey Pattern
Green/Silver White Pattern
Brown/Blue Pattern
Purple/Chocolate Brown
Colors on sale for $60 here

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