The work that Aya does is revolutionary. Her fiercely kind eyes looked into mine, SAW me unabashedly in the stickiness of my humanity, and loved me unconditionally through it. Aya doesn’t just hold space for a roomful of women in their pain and bliss, she goes there WITH us, and when we’re afraid or uncertain she’ll go there first. My gratitude for the explosion of healing that took place at Serpent Moon extends beyond language and across generations.

I went into the weekend not knowing any other way but to tense every muscle in my body upon an encounter with a snake. Yet over the course of three days with 19 daring women, I located the part of me paralyzed by fear and quite literally shook my entire body through that terror into blissful relaxation. My wildest dreams and wildest fears leapt out, danced their emotive dances, and made peace with one another. I learned emotional release tools that I want to share with everyone I know. Thanks to the container created at the retreat, I am returning to my body with the intention of trusting my womb’s wisdom and treating my pleasure as sacred.

In essence, guided by Mount Shasta’s stable presence and Aya’s wild laugh, I was reminded of how deeply supported I am in my CRAZY, how utterly UNALONE I am in my hurting, and how HOPE is a path of courage I choose to walk with sisters who are unafraid to feel. ~ Anna H.

Anna H.