I attended my first ever retreat with Aya at the Serpent Moon Retreat. I was extremely nervous about being so vulnerable and unhinged in front of people and even myself, afraid of what would surface. Without a doubt, attending this retreat set me on the path to my healing journey. Aya was very gentle in easing my fears. She explained just how gentle the process would unfold throughout the weekend and she was exactly right. Her loving energy and utmost passion in helping others discover their feminine divinity helped me dive deep into the medicine work to truly experience profound healing. I’m eternally grateful for Aya’s vision and healing work to bring her medicine to others. It has made such a healing impact on my life of which I’m integrating more and more as each day passes. I realize just how important it is to do this work on yourself and how releasing emotional trauma clears room to allow for more abundance of what you want shine through. -Iris P.

Iris P.