Usually in retreats, it takes awhile for me to feel completely safe to come out fully in my inner dragon and Priestess, in both my masculine and feminine counterparts. 

Because of the grounding opening ritual, the emphasis on connecting to nature and to our own bodies through dance, the raw potent Serpent medicine, the raw powerful transmission and the level of permission Aya provided, I dropped in fully to the experience and was able to use the emotional processing tools we were taught to clear a lot of my repressed anger and shame around my sexuality.

The highlight for me was an exercise where we were led to go deep into our mother wound. I’ve avoided my connection with my mother for a very very long time. This exercise was super profound and created space for me to release a lot of my emotions. This allowed me to feel acceptance and to feel fully present to embrace my creativity, my divinity, my sensuality, my play, and my pleasure. Not to mention, I now have a huge affinity, respect, reverance towards serpents and can’t wait to see how this ties into my own personal healing work in the future. 


As a seeker of profound transformative experiences, I highly recommend Aya’s retreat and commend her for creating such a profound container for us all to feel comfortable in our own bodies and show up fully as we are.  Tiffany L.

Tiffany L.