“Since beginning my journey with Aya ten months ago I have experienced many shifts towards my sovereignty. I began work with Aya to heal my womb space and sexuality and start creating the life I want to live. One of the most profound transformations I’ve had is with my bleeds. Returning to the worship of my blood, my cycles, my body, has been a homecoming I longed for my whole life. It’s like I am fully awake now, rather than hiding for a few days during my bleeds, there isn’t an interruption in my progress.

I am able to cherish all of my feelings and experiences rather than wish or pretend they didn’t happen…. I’m noticing subtle shifts in my awareness and self talk and am learning how to alchemize my own energies and those that are around me…

Aya’s commitment to the Goddess path is displayed to me by her ability to pull new tools out whenever needed to help me in my process. She has a lot of knowledge and experience. I am so grateful I was guided to Aya, and I look forward to seeing what I am able to create as a result of this work.”

Sophia S.