“There are some experiences that don’t simply leave an impression..they shape our entire lives from that moment forward…Our entire framework for life has been re-worked after such transformational experiences. Prayers of the Womb retreat was all of that for me, and more.

I call in events that provide the space for incredible, earth-shaking depth, transformation, and expansion. Prayers of the Womb was A DEEP and joyful remembrance of my, of our, ancient roots as women, as the ones who use our VOICE and shed our blood in sacred, holy ritual. The ones who allow the fire of Pele to ignite the holy fire within, who connect with our infinite pleasure that electrify our missions on this Earth, who swim wild and free in Sovereignty with the dolphins, and the ones who honor the land and all those who came before us. This retreat awakened a deep Knowing, a calling to All that I Am and have always been. The ones who come to gather in this space of Divine Remembrance together are so perfectly aligned with each of our souls.

My heart was healed profoundly around sisterhood; my feminine Essence sang with the voices of the women with whom we gathered, and ecstatic Bliss ensued. I felt ALL of my Being super charged both during the retreat and upon leaving and feeling its powerful inner momentum still flowing, enabling me to walk more fully in my Sacred Mission. I will forever be in the greatest gratitude that I said, “YES!” to Prayers of the Womb Retreat that Aya Papaya and Marya Stark so powerfully guided and created the beautifully safe container for…a journey that set my soul wildly on fire.”

Stephanie Y.