Ready to say YES to your pleasure, your abundance, and to deeper connection with your yoni and sex??

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Due to COVID I’m adding in 5 month payment plans

My aim is to make this accessible to all who feel the call…


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Please don’t let money keep you from joining the Jade Way


Register for the Jade Way ~ $606
Monthly Payment Plan Options

3 payments of $212
5 payments of $132


Register for the Jade Way + Nephrite Jade Egg ~ $669

Monthly payment Plan Options

3 payments of $232

5 payments of $144


Authentic Nephrite Jade is said to bless whatever it touches and has been one of the most sought after materials in the world for more than 6,000 years. Nephrite Jade is the crystal used traditionally in yoni egg practices, and it’s also the safest to have inside of your body.

Our eggs come from the Love Stone, a company ran by a dear sister, which uses high quality certified Nephrite  Jade.  There are unfortunately a lot of fake jade eggs out there made from lower quality crystals, and I’ve seen them break during use.  I urge you to buy only from trusted sources using quality crystals.

What about yoni eggs made from other crystals?  Many of the crystals being marketed as yoni eggs have fragile composition and can get hairline fractures that are invisible to the eye but make the eggs susceptible to growths and mold.  I’ve known sisters who had their Rose quartz egg/wand break to discover mold growing inside.  Because of this I only use Nephrite Jade or Obsidian internally inside of my body as they both have dense structures that are strong and hard to break.