“Dance has taught me to move to the beat of my own drum, and how to inspire that in the people I come in contact with on a daily basis.  It has taught me that “failure” isn’t failure at all, but an opportunity for growth and personal transformation”  ~ Luna Breeze
Luna Hoop CartwheelsI am so excited and honored to be featuring Luna Breeze, as she is not only a great friend, but an amazing teacher, and an inspiration in my dance.  In Luna’s words, her “passions in a nutshell: standing on my hands, hanging by my toes, hula hooping, dancing, adventuring into the unknown and living my life to the limits.  I am a circus performer by passion and profession, and a wild woman in training.”
Anyone who has seen her dance, or had a conversation with her will tell you that she is a vibrant spirit, compelling performer, and a diligent student in every art form she pursues.  I am in awe of her blend of technical skill with absolute grace, and beauty.  On stage she commands attention, building stories in her dance, and bringing us through an array of emotions; off stage she is sweet, adorable, and so much fun.
Going back to the beginning, Luna attributes the start of her journey to her sister Shakti Sunfire, another AyaPapaya favorite, and a woman in movement who will be featured soon.  Shakti introduced Luna to the String Cheese Incident, where she first saw a hula hooper perform on stage.  At college Luna picked up a hoop for the first time, not knowing that her sister was doing the same back home.  They got to teach eachother new tricks and transitions, and down the line, Shakti gathered hula hoop dancers, Luna included, to perform with the String Cheese Incident at festivals.
Luna-Blog-2“The hoop had opened up an internal need to be in a constant state of flow.  My muscles and spirit itched to re-experience the world through dance.  Like a child who just learned to walk, I was off like wild fire.”  I love the idea of “re-experiencing the world through dance.”  It is a new beginning, as we integrate who we are and what we know about the world into our bodies and like a child we are so teachable and malleable in those moments.
In life, Luna’s inspiration comes from family, friends, and the people gathered around her; “These people fuel me like the sun fuels the earth.”  In dance, Luna’s inspirations come from other movement artists, as well as her audience.  She says seeing the joy, and excitement in her audience “makes every sacrifice I make to do what I do an absolute honor.”
Currently Luna is developing a new hula hoop act under the supervision of rythmic gymnast coach and Cirque Du Soleil artist Rebbecca Sukhanova set to premier this May in Seattle Wa.  She is also rehearsing with Pendulum Aerial Art for their show “High Art.”
I am so grateful to have this incredible woman not only in my life, but as a part of the AyaPapaya family.  I look forward to seeing her creative projects continue to unfold, and blossom.  Much love to you Luna, and thank you for being a part of the Women in Movement series!
See more of Luna ~
Website: http://lunabreezeperformance.com/
FB fan page: https://www.facebook.com/LunaBreezePerformanceArt
Instagram: http://instagram.com/lunabreeze
Luna on AyaPapaya ~
“AyaPapaya wear is not only fashionable for all body types, but it is designed to be worn in a variety of settings. You will find yourself as the center of attention whether at a cocktail party, or dancing wildly, sweat pouring down your face at a festival. Also, her clothing items are as comfortable as your favorite pajamas, the only difference being that you’ll stand proud leaving your house wearing them. Her jewelry is finely hand crafted, and truly does inspire the goddess within.”

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