“Half the battle in life is convincing yourself something is possible; the other half needs your movement”

Safire with 4 hoops

Our next woman in movement is another dear friend, hoop/fire dance instructor/performer, practicing contortionist, and all around circus performer extroardinaire, Safire.  She is a woman of many talents, but above all, carries herself with vibrant energy, exploding with joy and excitement on and off stage.  I am impressed by her spirit for adventure, her ability to be fluid with the currents of life, and her “ready for anything” attitude.  In her own words she is “interested in creativity, in asking questions, finding answers, forgetting those answers, and then rewriting, reworking, relearning oneself.”  Through her performance she invites us to be inspired, to grow, or simply to smile and enjoy!

For Safire, movement has always been in her life but its modality is ever changing.  “Movement itself is a healing practice and needs change over the course of ones life.”  As a child she swam a lot in a “you’re a mermaid if you believe it hard enough kind of way.”  As a teenager she ran through the woods and trails out of frustration and disappointments.  I love that even at that age she was able to filter her emotions through physical movement, what a powerful skill to harness early on.  Later on she moshed at concerts “circle pit pulsing, whirling, and slamming against others just as inspired by the music that was gritty and filled with the frustration of teenage alienation.”  I truly hope that more teenagers can find healthy outlets for their “angst,” exploring and working through their emotions using movement rather then substances.

Eventually, Safire found fire dancing, starting with poi, a “hobby that stuck with unfathomable addiction,” and 6 months later adding in the hoop.  Through daily practice Safire worked through “a unique conversation with myself, moving from disbelieve and impossibility to ‘Wow” I can actually do this!'”  I’ve had similar experiences with hoop and other modalities where you watch someone complete a seemingly impossible move, only do master that move myself, expanding my beliefs around what is possible.  Moments like those are a constant reminder of that all things are possible with some dedication and a shift in perspective.

Safire-Single-hoopOn the hoop Safire writes that “It taught me to move with grace, to see patterns, multiple beats at once, that I was a dancer in my own way, and to stretch my limits.”  The hoop has been a kind teacher to me as well, showing me the way that my body wants to move, gently coaxing out of me the dance that I’d forgotten I knew how to dance.  The newest exploration for Safire is the art of contortion, “not just a stretch of the body but a stretch of the mind.”  (See photos of Safire’s progress with contortion here.)  Starting this art at age 30 Safire is testing the limits of what the human body is capable of, refusing to believe thoughts of being too old, or fear of hurting yourself.  I love her tenacity, her strength, and her persistent pushing of limits to ask of herself, what else is possible?

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