Gone-to-Burning-ManTomorrow, I start the yearly drive to Black Rock City.  A 13 hour plus hour drive from LA so that I can set up a home for a week  in a very temperamental climate, where the dust covers everything you own, clings to your skin, and sets in your hair.  Many of you are probably going to be out there with me, and some of you may not know anything about Burning Man.  Perhaps you’ve heard that it’s a rave in the desert, with no rules, no responsibilities, where people run amuck doing whatever they want.  That’s not entirely untrue, but Burning Man is so much more then just a big party, for me it is returning home, a safe space where I can ground, review my year, and connect with Spirit. A few weeks ago, I didn’t have my ticket, and for the first time in five years I wasn’t sure I’d be making it home this year.  When a friend asked me why I wanted so badly to go, I told her that for me the playa is a place a magic and beauty.  It is a place full of synchronicities, unique self expression, large scale art, celebration sunrises, and beautiful moments.  The land itself has a sacredness that has been cultivated over the years as people come with their gifts, their art, their music, their healing, their openness and their visions.  With so many people coming together expecting miracles, and the unexpected you can feel the energy building inside this collective vision and container.  I remember my first year on the playa standing beneath the man, looking out over the city, and all the way out into deep playa.  Lights, people, movement as far as I could see, and vibrant life happening all around me.  At Burning Man I have seen and climbed the most beautiful art pieces, I’ve danced all night and watched the sunrise over the city, I’ve experienced the generosity of the people who share their food, their time, their resources, and spent hours of self reflection and insight through the dusty playa. Another reason I love the playa . . . the temple.  Today I do not practice any religion, but the temple at Burning Man truly feels like a gathering place where people can cry, melt, heal, release, be held, and reflect.  It is all that I desire out of a spiritual meeting place, with quiet nooks to write and think, and friendly faces when you need a hug. Being a business owner, I don’t often have days off.  There is always more work to be done, and ideas running through my head, or to do lists.  The playa is one place that I get to put everything on pause, and just spend time for me.  It is a cathartic experience, in so many ways!  I release tension and stress through dance, I sort through the thoughts in my head just gazing into the desert, I get inspired through the art, and through the contributions of others!  For me Burning Man is a lot like New Years.  It is a time to check in, review my year, let go of things, and welcome in the new.  Much of what I create is formulated on playa and I come home feeling clear, grounded, excited for the next phase.  It creates a safe container where I can unplug from my phone, the internet, my business, and trust that it will all be there waiting when I get back. I am so appreciative of all that the playa has given me over the years, and all that I will go through good and hard this year!  With all this said, I will be fully out of office this week, and all orders will not be shipped out until 9/3/14 when I return.  I am currently working on expanding my team so that shipments still go out while I am away in the future, but please bear with me while I sort that out. In the meantime “PlayaGiveAway22” will give you 22% off while I am away, the sale ends on 9/3.  I hope to see some of you out on playa this week, soaking in the beautiful tapestry of ingenuity and individuality that is Burning Man.

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